Made in Portugal I Good Anywhere

About Us

Started as a menswear online store in October 2012, we had the opportunity to put our hands in the creative area with collaborations with other brands and now we’re seeking for more and more. Hence the name Newfangle, which means desirous of changing or to change by introducing novelties.

As well as our logo – that represents the Triangular Sail and the Portuguese Flag that appear in every Caravel during the Age of Discoveries – all the Newfangle products will have something to do with the Portuguese heritage and be 100% made in Portugal.

We produce garments that can look good in different occasions, with utility in mind and where the attention to detail is taken to extreme by committed family factories. A combination between the functionality of sportswear with workwear aesthetics. Quality casual menswear made for any given situation.

Our main idea is to reflect the good things about Portugal with a touch of style.

Made in Portugal, Good Anywhere