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  • Industry Talks with Neil Morris

    A new chapter of this “Industry Talks” section, this time with Neil Morris from Veras Shoes.

    Veras Shoes was one of our first brands at Newfangle, and Neil has been doing a great job with the brand, evolving each season with a mix of modern classic styles with bold fabrics and textures.

    Formerly co-owner of Drooghi Clothing for 10 years (who were renown early on for stocking some excellent labels such as 6876, Patagonia, YMC and Levis Vintage) , Neil then moved to Spain and after a year started to produce some cool shoes which received a lot of attention from old friends in the industry. Neil sensed an opportunity and a gap in the market and Veras was born….

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    What type of music do you listen to?
    Anything tbh, no particular genre, whatever, old stuff like Massive Attack, Portishead, NWA, new stuff, been listening to Action Bronson last few weeks, loads of Taylor Swift, One Direction and dance music because my kids are blasting it out at every opportunity… My house is a bit hectic… and loud…

    How’s a typical day for you?
    Up at 6am, emails, instagram, twitter until 7am, make kids breakfast, walk daughter to school, office at 9am, looking at a computer until 5pm, bored out of my mind, football in the evening, I play 3 times a week most weeks. My favourite part of the week when Ive got a ball at my feet, cant do anything with it but I try….

    What is your team like?
    Im guessing you mean work colleagues. I work alone.
    If you’re talking football team, some good players, all in their 30s and 40s…All English, one Scottish and me…They have trouble understanding my accent especially the word ‘pass’.

    Workwear, heritage, sportswear, streetwear, Ivy League… what is your cup of tea
    None of the above. I don’t wear anything specific, not bothered by a particular look or brands. Many years ago I used to wear stuff, I loved labels such as 6876, Patagonia, Mandarina Duck, Duffer, Levi Vintage etc but now I go to Uniqlo and pay £15 for button down shirts that last me a year or two I wear 15 year old levis with rips in, a bit like a cross between Sam Fox and the bloke from BROS, and normally my own shoes.

    What brands have you been wearing lately? And which brands from the past would you give a round of applause?
    Uniqlo and ANON.
    6876, Patagonia, Mandarina Duck and Duffer.

    What would you change in the menswear industry?
    Truthfully, I am not that interested and I don’t really know much about it. Theres a lot of people doing interesting stuff, theres some lovely people in the industry. Theres also a lot of beauts too.. Keeps it interesting though I suppose..

  • Industry Talks with Kenneth Mackenzie

    We warned you that with our new website we would begin blogging a lot and here we go, today we launch a new section in our blog – Industry Talks – where we’ll feature and interview some of the great characters in the #menswear industry.

    The debutant of this new section is Kenneth Mackenzie from sixeightsevensix (6876) brand. With his first industry experience in the early nineties at Duffer of St. George, consultancy work for brands such as Rohan, Fred Perry or Adidas, and then creating his own brand, Kenneth is one of the most experienced gents in the industry, who we had the pleasure to meet.



    Image by Julia Grassi


    What type of music do you listen to?
    Music, very varied and always try to keep listening to new sounds that is the key.. music is one of my big passions so impossible to list sorry!

    How’s a typical day for you?
    Depends usually School run,then my studio or meetings/visit my London factory…in general usual things planning and organizing whilst trying to fit in time to design.

    What is your 6876 team like?
    6876 has all freelance staff so in terms of a traditional team i don’t have one but by working with trusted colleagues who are freelance/work on other projects i find that keeps things fresh.

    Workwear, heritage, sportswear, streetwear, Ivy League… what is your cup of tea
    Function: above all else and to channel ideas/references in a modern way always that has to be the key not slavish recreation..Military,work wear and sports wear are my main influences.

    What brands have you been wearing lately? And which brands from the past would you give a round of applause?
    Mostly i wear 6876 mixed with Alden Footwear,RRL jeans and Patagonia. From the past all the usual suspects but underrated were Sabotage from Germany in the early 1990’s.

    What would you change in the menswear industry?
    I work in my own particular way and tend to only touch on the parts of the “industry” that i need to and want to so based on that its not a massive concern how overall the industry works.

  • Welcome to Newfangle’s brand new website

    And finally, our new website is now LIVE!

    Yes, this was a hard one, after many many hours of work, improvements etc… we introduce Newfangle’s new website. It’s not just the design that is fresh and update, a lot of new features were implemented such as:

    – 100% Fully Responsive design, now you’ll be able to shop easily at our website in all devices, be it your computer, tablet, mobile phone etc…
    – Improved design and image quality; apart from the better image quality, passing your mouse – through each product will show you another detailed image of the product, so that you can immediately have a precise idea of the whole product
    – Easier and faster checkout, now you don’t have to pass through several pages to complete the checkout process, in a single page you’ll insert all details
    – Blog,  we have incorporated a blog in our website, we’ll start blogging much more. Wait and see
    Possibility to fastly share your favorite products in your social media platforms.

    We hope you enjoy it, but be sure it will improve in the next few days, a couple of final improvements are being done and you should notice that soon. Also, please be free to send us your feedback, ideas and/or improvements that could be done, we are all ears.



    Warm Regards from the Portugeezers!