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  • Club Kitten / X-Wife / White Haus

    Do you know what Club Kitten, X-Wife and White Haus have in common? Yeah, one of their members, João Vieira.

    But let’s start from the beginning, have you ever heard of “Club Kitten“? If you’re a “Tripeiro” in your thirties you probably remember those “revolutionary” music nights, with punk mixed with disco, 80’s electro etc… I can remember quite well some brilliant nights at Triplex (a Porto Bar) and since then João’s projects were part of my music choices all the way.

    But it all actually started in London, more precisely East London in the 90s, where João Vieira AKA DJ Kitten started these parties with a couple of friends. Things evolved quite well for them, with huge performances at London Clubs such as HQ, Water Rats etc..  and the British media acknowledged and praised a lot this Club Kitten format.

    Back to Porto in 2001, it was time to restart the Club Kitten nights in his hometown, and guess what, the success was huge and that was proper music, a sound mix that not everybody was used to hearing but that striked and evolved to other cities such as Lisbon where João soon became resident DJ in the famous Lux club.

    Meanwhile in 2002 he formed X-Wife, a post-punk electronic rock band. The first albums (Feeding the Machine and Side Effects) had more pronounced rock influences, but with all the influences and side projects all their members had in the meantime (Rui Maia started his own new wave-disco project as Mirror People and Fernando Sousa joined the Portuguese bands Best Youth, There Must be a Place and PZ) it was natural that the latest releases had a bit more electronic twists.

    His recent project was White Haus, created in 2013, another mix of genres where New York leftfield disco, West coast ‘80s electro and no wave are put together in a series of danceable sounds. It’s literally his own personal project where he does all the job, writing, music producing and performing.

    Below you can find a few sounds from each of his projects, starting from X-Wife’s origins up to the latest White Haus single. They are big favourites here at Newfangle Headquarters and we just hope they continue their great work.

  • Stone Roses New Single: All for One

    Twenty years after they’d released their last single and after so many rumours about the Stone Roses returning with new music it finally happened a few days ago with the release of the new single “All For One”.

    A series of mysterious lemon adverts were seen during May in Stone Roses’ hometown Manchester city centre, a fact that instantly got some hype in the social media and foreseen big news. Here at Newfangle headquarters we quite enjoyed this single, they seem to be vivid and true to their characteristic sound. A homage to the rave days with a simple yet powerful song, one of which gets easily in your ears.

    If we exclude the “Fools Gold” remix in 1999, “All for One” is the first single they’ve released in almost 21 years. The iconic Madchester band formed in 1983 counts only two albums in their whole history (but what albums and what a history), the homonym album “The Stone Roses” from 1989 and “Second Coming” in 1994.

    All attention is now for what’s coming next from Ian Brown and his team mates and what to expect in the next Summer gigs, especially the four nights at the Manchester City’s Etihad stadium in June.

    We’ll come back to Stones Roses and Ian Brown in the future in more detail, but for now we’ll leave you with two amazing songs from the Manc band: the new single of course and “I wanna be adored”, a song much appreciated around here.

  • Umbrella Magazine Issue 14

    We’ve been a bit quiet in the latest weeks but here we are with a review of what might be our current favourite magazine Umbrella Magazine!

    These guys, apart from being truly good people, know how to produce an interesting magazine! With their characteristic brutalist/modernist covers (this one shows the Balfron Tower in London), this Umbrella Magazine Issue 14 starts with a review of a new book about the California graphic design and continues in the same path a few pages ahead with an interview regarding Aaron Draplin, a graphic designer based in Oregon, Portland.

    The usual food & drink section it’s always there with good tips, as well as one of the sections that we obviously love – the style section – with a chat with Kestin Hare, the Edinburgh based menswear designer, former designer at Nigel Cabourn and the usual well curated and diverse outfits. Interesting to see that I’m not the only one obsessed with the Ten C jackets, they are always present in Umbrella’s outfits too. A new watch brand Sekford and Cubitts (both British made brands) have their space too.

    Last but not least two very good articles, one about British railway stations and their characteristics and the other one related to Kowloon Walled City, the most densely populated city on earth…

    A lot of good read to be added, if you haven’t got yours don’t wait any longer and buy one.

    umbrella magazine 14 cover

    Picture: The Rig Out

  • Newfangle X Casual Connoisseur Treinador Jacket

    We’re glad to introduce our next collab with our good mates from Casual Connoisseur: the Treinador Jacket! This time we’ve produced a jacket, but not some random jacket… a proper and refined coach jacket!

    The coach jacket is almost a staple in what concerns jackets these days. It’s inspired on the typical jackets that the American baseball and football coaches wore in the 60s. A practical and versatile sportswear jacket that we aimed to refine. Coming in a lovely soft navy cotton, this is a perfect choice for the warmer weather. It features two slash front hand pockets, a button off drawstring hood, inside pocket for your phone and a large rear YKK zippered hip pocket.

    We kept branding to a minimum but we had to do something different in this case, so we chose to personalize the YKK press studs with the “This Thing Of Ours” motto. And being a coach jacket, the name had to be consistent and what better than Treinador, which is the Portuguese version for Coach.

    A classic silhouette that never really dates, smart and understated. Below you can find several pictures of the Treinador Jacket that will be available to purchase in both websites this Wednesday 18th May at 7pm.

    treinador jacket casualco newfangle

    teinador jacket

    this thing of ours press studs

    pocket treinador jacket

  • Newfangle X Casual Connoisseur Treinador Coach Jacket Video

    Here’s a preview of the new collaboration with our brothers up north from Casual Connoisseur.
    The Treinador Jacket will be available next Wednesday at 7pm but we’ll update all info in the following blog post.