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  • New Stockist: The Terrace Stockholm

    One of our new Spring/Summer 16 stockists is the Stockholm based store The Terrace.

    Founded in 2007 in the Swedish capital and offering timeless classics from traditionally strong and innovative brands such as Lacoste, Lyle & Scott, Stone Island, Fred Perry etc… they’ve evolved steadily throughout these years and created a strong fan base among the casual clothing aficionados, where brands like CP Company, MA Strum, Ellesse, Aquascutum, Weekend Offender and the previously mentioned made the store a reference.

    Proving the success of the project, they recently moved location to one of the busiest areas in Stockholm city centre, a much bigger place that will certainly have a lot more visibility and attract a wider audience.

    It’s a pleasure to be one of their chosen brands and we hope to pop by soon to see it in the flesh. Meanwhile you can have a look at their Newfangle SS16 selection.

    the terrace stockholm

  • New Stockist: Steeple Pine

    Time to introduce one of our new stockists: Steeple Pine.

    Created by Daniel Nicolson, the man behind Class Action Media, SP is based in Liverpool and was launched in 2014, two years after Distant Echo was founded, another clothing website owned by the same group, but this one more focused on garments for the casual inclined lads.

    Steeple Pine is a store for the discerning gent, the young man who takes care and is fully attentive to what he wears. Based on these principles, their brand selection is quite interesting and careful, among others you can find Marshall Artist, Armor Lux, Realm & Empire, Sebago, Rains, Tuk Tuk etc…

    Focused on a high quality service, which includes free shipping and same day dispatch, they are thriving their way in the industry and we are proud to be one of their chosen brands.


    steeple pine


  • Novesta arrives to Portugal

    The slovakian sneaker brand Novesta has just arrived to Portugal through Seam Wise Agency.

    What started as a strong focus on high quality rubber and canvas production that supplied the best european manufacturers and designers, rose into a very strong brand.

    Handmade, crafted in original machinery and using only natural products, without chemicals or glue. Through a vulcanization process, the rubber sole is pressured and sealed onto the canvas (or any other fabric from their collections) with high temperatures without using any chemicals, leading to a more ecological production process.

    Novesta has evolved a lot in recent years and there’s no better proof of it than the worldwide stockists where they are present at the moment. Stores like End Clothing, Oi Polloi, Merci Shop Paris, Kinfolk and a big etc.. are selling Novesta sneakers and these are finally here in Portugal.

    Another detail that differentiates Novesta are the collaborations. Most of them don’t need any introduction. Comme des Garçons, Matthew Miller, YMC and Universal Works are some of the brands that make specific styles with them. If the SS16 collabs are really strong, just wait for AW16 and you’ll see what they have prepared.

    Definitely one of our favourite brands that you will hear a lot.

    novesta banner
    novesta star master
    novesta star master military
    novesta ymc collab
    novesta universal works
  • Casual Connoisseur Weir Hats

    Those who follow Newfangle for a good time know what a Weir Hat is, but those who just started to keep an eye on us might not know what this phenomenon is all about.

    It all started in November 2008, when the Casual Connoisseur team decided to create a bobble hat inspired in Tom Weir, a Scottish broadcaster, climber and bobble hat icon. At this stage they were far from thinking of the hype that would be created around this item of headwear. Limited editions of 50 units per colour sold out in seconds/minutes, an enormous collector base, Weir hats being sold on Ebay three times more than their retail price etc.

    first weir hat                                    weir hat draw


    Tom Weir was born in Springburn (Glasgow) and after service in the Royal Artillery during World War II, he was always involved in environmental campaigns and important expeditions. He was one of the first to explore some of the hardest mountains of Nepal and was part of the first post-war expedition to the Himalayas.

    Marked by its influences with outdoor garments, this was a perfect link/inspiration for the Casual Connoisseur brand.

    tom weir image

    As it happens this time of the year, CasualCo releases several versions of the weir hats, in different colour combinations, including their own releases, collaborations with other brands and stores and a stockist exclusive edition available only through selected retailers of the brand.

    This year we’ll have two colourways available, both of them featuring a 5 pattern colourway. Please see below all the info regarding their release at our store:


    weir hat image


    weir hat stockist exclusive image


    As usual, the quantities are really limited so we have to limit purchases to strictly one Weir Hat per customer. Good luck and you know how it is…. Fastest fingers first!

  • Industry Talks Carl Burnham Good Measure

    Aiming to produce an old school classic sweatshirt in a perfect shape. That’s what Good Measure claims – heavyweight t-shirts and sweatshirts made in England – and the fact is that it came along really well! Based in Manchester and founded by industry veterans, it all started in one of those warm conversations at the Pub, where many ideas always seem to flow… but this one didn’t just flow… it went on.
    Let’s hear what Carl has to say in our Industry Talks Q&A.

    good measure detail


    What type of music do you listen to?
    I’m stuck in the heady days of Acid House and Balearic beats a fine time to be in your late teens/early twenties, although since my 8 year old has been listening to her I’ve found myself whistling along to Taylor ‘Tay Tay’ Smith!

    How’s a typical day for you?
    No real typical day, apart from the morning school run. Each day is different, as well as Good Measure I also have a sales agency so my days consist of juggling Good Measure business and Spiv Agency business. I really do enjoy my work so quite lucky I guess, variety is the spice of life!

    What is your Good Measure team like?
    There’s 3 of us. I’ve got the looks, John’s got the brains and Fred’s got the brawn, the perfect combination.

    Workwear, heritage, sportswear, streetwear, Ivy League… what is your cup of tea?
    Definitely nodding towards street wear and workwear, although I’m wondering how long I can carry this on, 40 years plus and dressing like a teenager, maybe time to change.

    What brands have you been wearing lately? And which brands from the past would you give a round of applause?
    Good Measure (of course), Dickies, Stussy, Patagonia, Champion, Clarks, Saucony (a bit of a cliche really) and then when I’m feeling a bit menswear the Engineered Garments and Post Overalls come out. Brands from the past that I’d give a nod to are still brands that are around now, Dickies, Stussy, Champion, Fuct, Supreme oh and Modern Amusement (R.I.P.)  before it went all weird.

    What would you change in the menswear industry?
    Slim fits.